[PATCH] bad password lock

Aurélien Degrémont adegremont at idealx.com
Fri Sep 19 09:52:35 GMT 2003

Jeremy Allison wrote:

 > I've fixed our (SAMBA_3_0) code so that unknown_5 is translated into
 > the two correct fields bad_password_count and logon_count. This is
 > not exactly the same as this patch, but I will work on adding in
 > the features of this patch into the 3.0 code tree over time. This
 > new code will *not* be in the official 3.0 release but should be
 > ready for the first patch release (3.0.1 anyone ? :-).
 > Jeremy.

I looked at it and it looks good to not see all these horrible unknown 
fields anymore.
We're working on porting our patch to SAMBA_3_0 branch with the help of 
your modifications but we are always waiting for a solution for the 
'lockout time' field.

Aurélien Degrémont

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