Mac OS X - compilation experiences and issues

Benjamin Riefenstahl Benjamin.Riefenstahl at
Sat Sep 13 14:16:03 GMT 2003

Hi Jeremy,

Jeremy Allison <jra at> writes:
> Ok, I'm happy to check in a varient of this patch.

Thanks, I appreciate it. 

> It's surrounded in a few places by a :
> as I don't want others to pay the penalty for MacOSX stupidity. Can
> you tell me what :
> case "$host_os"
> returns when you ./configure for MacOSX

The usual match pattern is "*darwin*". 

> - that way I can add the define for MacOSX into the and
> it'll work out of the box. MacOSX isn't the only special case here,
> we have to do some different things for HPUX and Solaris etc.

I attach the patch for that I am currently using for
other issues.

The one thing that is not included in the patch is the actual charset
module to handle composing/decomposing, using the native Mac API.  If
you are interested, I can post that later, but I'd like to do some
cleanup on it first.


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