Mac OS X - compilation experiences and issues

Benjamin Riefenstahl Benjamin.Riefenstahl at
Thu Sep 11 17:08:04 GMT 2003

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your reply.

Jeremy Allison <jra at> writes:
> [...] no one else uses decomposed Unicode that I am aware of.

I know that and I personally don't like it either.  It's a fact though
that Mac OS X does it this way.

> [...] Apple [...] will have to fix it, sorry.

It's not going to change in this life, I fear.  It's probably much too
late for such a big change in the OS.  I could imagine compatibility
options in the OS to handle this, but I rather doubt these will
appear, and I'm sure they won't appear for the existing OS versions.

So what you are effectively saying is you don't want Samba to compile
OOTB on Mac now if you have to change the code for that?

I wrote:
>> a) Disable the fast-path code completely based on a #define/#ifdef.  I
>>    plan to do measurements, to see how much of an effect the code has
>>    in the first place.
> [...] This code was added specifically to fix performance issues
> measured by cachegrind. That's why I took all the trouble to add it.

I understand. 


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