samba as a bdc of an nt4 pdc

Richard Renard rrenard at
Tue Oct 28 16:56:57 GMT 2003

hi all,

attached is a patch against SAMBA_3_0 branch, which enable samba to work
as a bdc of an nt4 pdc, currently this patch does not parse the
sam_deltas it receives.

it only responds to the message sent by the pdc, and do the correct
requests in order to get the right deltas.

what it does:
- when nmbd receives an "announce change to uas or sam" packet it parses
it and put some infos in a struct which is passed to smbd by the
internal message subsystem.
- when smbd receives the message, it forks and start processing the
infos it just received in order to create the right
DatabaseDeltasRequest for the right database.

the patch add a deltas.c, linked with smbd

it creates a modcount.tdb which contains the domain_modification_count
sent by the pdc and which must be replied when doing a
DatabaseDeltasRequest after notification.

it also creates a new struct repl_info (name_needs_to_change) which it
passed between nmbd and smbd

it modifies cli_netlogon_sam_deltas() and init_net_q_sam_deltas()

move functions that are in utils/net_rpc_samsync.c somewhere else so
they can be used in "deltas.c", maybe in rpc_client/cli_netlogon_util.c

(needed functions are
- fetchdatabase (DatabaseSync2 0X10),
- fetchdatabase_deltas (DatabaseDeltas 0X07),
- and all the functions that parses the received deltas, in fact nearly
all the stuff in utils/net_rpc_samsync.c )
and many other things.

Waiting for your comments.

Richard Renard <rrenard at>
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