Synchronize offline folders and user nobody

Marc Groot Koerkamp marc at
Tue Oct 28 13:00:45 GMT 2003


The laptops I have in my network work with offline folders that are
synchronized on login (My Documents is redirected to the home share of the

The problem I have is that some of those laptops cannot stay online and
switch to offline a few seconds after synchronisation. The logfiles were
mentioning a problem that samba could not find the directory
/data/files.its/nobody (/data/files.its is the location where the home
dirs are located).

The funny part is that after creating the dir /data/files.its/nobody all
the problems I had with offline files disappeared.

Why is it that samba wants to open the home dir for user nobody?

I'm using latest CVS samba 3.0 CVS version. The problems I had with
offline files exists longer then today (a few months).


Marc Groot Koerkamp.

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