samba 3.0 / idmap in ADS ?

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Tue Oct 28 01:29:39 GMT 2003

>Now what I need to decide (regarding your info) is if I prefer to
>assign Posix Uid/Gid manually and use ADS or install open ldap just to
>store de idmap database and dynamically acquire  the ids.

Well, that's completely up to you!

Obviously the dynamic assignment has the advantage of lower administrative

Manual provisioning with idmap_ad is useful if you already have assigned
UIDs and GIDs to your users (from, for example, an existing NIS deployment)
and want to preserve them as they are migrated to Active Directory, and/or
if you have deployed software that supports the Services for UNIX
schema (*).

(*) such software includes PADL's nss_ldap module and NIS/LDAP Gateway,
    and the NIS server included with Services for UNIX itself

-- Luke

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