[PATCH] libsmbclient ACL support / smbsh as libsmbclient application

Derrell.Lipman at UnwiredUniverse.com Derrell.Lipman at UnwiredUniverse.com
Thu Oct 23 02:13:10 GMT 2003

Richard Sharpe <rsharpe at richardsharpe.com> writes:

> On Thu, 16 Oct 2003 Derrell.Lipman at UnwiredUniverse.com wrote:
>> Attached are two patches.
>> 1. libsmbclient and related patches
> I am looking at applying this ...

Great.  I'd suggest looking at bug 653 and 654.  Those are later versions,
following my discussion with ctrlsoft regarding organization of the patch.

The stuff submitted to bugzilla does not, however, include the smbsh changes.
If you'd like to wait a little while on applying that, I'm working on a bug I
found, and I'll put it in bugzilla once I've fixed it.  (Or, you can apply it,
and I'll provide a patch to cvs code after it's applied.  Either way.)



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