Cups questions ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Tue Oct 21 08:20:40 GMT 2003

Greetings ...

>Ok. Please give me text to put into the HOWTO. Tell me what part of the
>HOWTO it should go into and it will be done.
    Me donate any text to the HOWTO, you must be joking, we will have so 
much confusion after that, but thanks for the idea ...  I can try and 
give you an idea what might be a some to put in, hope that helps ...

>>before Cups start, the printer in Cups don't come up with Samba, ( lost
>>our printers after a restart, and took me a few minutes and lots of
>>panic to figure it out ), I see this has been fixed in RawHide.
>>    My question is, Samba chats with the Cups deamon, is possible that
>>Samba could put into the logs that it can't find the Cups deamon, might
>>make less problems.
>The CUPS cupsd program must be started before smbd is started.
    Okay, so many be in the trouble-shooting section, something like, if 
your server restarts and Samba comes up too quickly, you might not have 
all your printers, in my case, I had no printers, but that was with cups 
1.1.17, with cups 1.1.19, cups did not even need to be running ... I 
don't know, maybe better libs ...

>Samba-3.0.0 works cleanly with full feature capabilities using CUPS 1.1.18
>and later. Printing works with CUPS 1.1.15 and later.
    Might be worth noting, that in the docs, under cups, or maybe, a 
list of better libs/utils to use with Samba, like Kerboes 1.3.1 and so 
on ...

>>    One last question, to backup the "Point-n-Install" printers, one has
>>to backup the drivers directory and tdb with the printer info, but if I
>>remember correctly, you have to shutdown smb, to that, or am I wrong on
>>this account?
    So, I will have to shut Samba down, so that I can do a backup of 
need tdb, which tdb's should be backup, I know that the winbind one 
should if you are using it, which I am not, because I am using idmap-ldap.


P.S. As I have stated before, great HOWTO, I now give this too "MSCEs 
know it alls" and tell them to catch-up on what really happens ...

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