Really simple development question

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Sat Oct 11 18:46:49 GMT 2003


Of course after about 2 hours of working on this, I e-mailed the list.
And of course 20 minutes (and one cup of coffee) after sending
the e-mail, I just figured "maybe I'll take another look at the Makefile".
I copied the smbstatus sections, change then names and it worked...D'oh!.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help & quick response.


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> On Sat, 11 Oct 2003, Jason G wrote:
> > Hi, I apologize in advance for asking such a silly question.
> >
> > I'm not a real developer, but I do play around with C code for fun
> > (typically really simple stuff).
> Well, it doesn't take much to be a real developer, however, you are going
> to have to learn to wrap your lines in mail :-)
> >                                 I'm trying to use some samba functions
> > (mainly the parsing functions from loadparm.c) but I can't compile
> > anything after including either smb.h or includes.h into my code.
> >
> > The long and short of my question is if I want to use the
> > functionallity from loadparm.c, what would be the compile/link commands
> > to do so.  I just need something very basic to get me started.
> Ahhh, you have asked a tough question. You will need to be a real man to
> attempt this.
> Check the Makefile and look at tools like smbclient or the net command.
> See how they do it.
> You will probably be better off to add your program to or
> and work from there.
> Regards
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