Really simple development question

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Sat Oct 11 18:23:39 GMT 2003

On Sat, 11 Oct 2003, Jason G wrote:

> Hi, I apologize in advance for asking such a silly question.
> I'm not a real developer, but I do play around with C code for fun 
> (typically really simple stuff).  

Well, it doesn't take much to be a real developer, however, you are going 
to have to learn to wrap your lines in mail :-)

>                                 I'm trying to use some samba functions 
> (mainly the parsing functions from loadparm.c) but I can't compile 
> anything after including either smb.h or includes.h into my code.
> The long and short of my question is if I want to use the 
> functionallity from loadparm.c, what would be the compile/link commands 
> to do so.  I just need something very basic to get me started.

Ahhh, you have asked a tough question. You will need to be a real man to 
attempt this.

Check the Makefile and look at tools like smbclient or the net command.

See how they do it.

You will probably be better off to add your program to or and work from there.

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