[PATCH] ACLs by file type on samba

Elcio Mello emello at conectiva.com.br
Thu Oct 2 15:00:58 GMT 2003

Hello everybody!

I'm working on my first patch to samba, and would like to share it with you.
Well, I was needing of something to control the file type that my users can 
write in their folder on samba server, so I wrote some code to do this, it is 
in the begin status.

What is it?
It is a funciton called acl_filetype(), it is called from real_write_file() 
After write a file, it check the file type and compare with the acl.conf which 
contens a list of file types denied, then log it if the file type is in the 

This patch just log what happen, I'm working for what to do with it, If I will  
delete the file or put it on a spool for another apliction do the delete.

Here is my TODO list:

- define what to do for the file denied;
- write a function to replace the use of unix comand "file";
-  so on...

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Elcio Mello.
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