[VFS] skel_transparent.so problem

Rainer Link link at foo.fh-furtwangen.de
Thu Oct 2 16:20:27 GMT 2003

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 05:54:01PM +0300, Enescu Bogdan wrote:

> 5) in /examples/vfs i've builded the skel_transparent.so
> 6) in smb.cond vfs object = path/to/skel_transparent.so
> and it'snot working

Make sure, skel_transparent.so is located in <samba-dir>/lib/vfs, e.g.

Moreover, do not specify path and the .so extension, so the correct 
setting is

vfs objects = skel_transparent

(vfs object is a synonym for vfs objects)

(set up differs from Samba 2.2.x)


best regards,
Rainer Link

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