Failed to join domain into SAMBA PDC for W2k client

Dede NURMANSYAH dede.nurmansyah at
Tue Nov 25 05:44:18 GMT 2003

Dear guys,

Couple days ago, I was installed SAMBA-2.2.8a into my FreeBSD system. My
plan is to makes my FreeBSD machine as PDC on my network, which has win 9.x
client and W2K/XP client.
For joining Win 9.x client there's no problem at all, but when I tried to
join domain my client which installed W2K always shown an error as below :

               " the account used is a computer account. Use your global
user account 
                  or local user account to access this server join samba
server "

before that, I've already add machine name into my SAMBA server with this
statement "adduser -g smbuser -d /dev/null -s /bin/false my_machine$

Please need your quick solutions, because I'm going insane because of it. :(

Thanks and sorry for bad English. :)
Dede Nurmansyah

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