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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Nov 19 14:07:58 GMT 2003

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Leandro Ariel Gomez Chavarria wrote:

| Hi all, I'm testing openldap in a RedHat 9 (openldap-2.0.27-8
| rpm's) to store IdMaps for samba 3.0 using idmap backend = ldap,
| because I have it in a HA configuration, so I need a
| unique idMap across the nodes of the cluster.
| I install open ldap in 2 linuxboxes (lxcluster01 and
| lxcluster02) to run as Master and Slave ldap servers, everything
| seems to work fine, but when I test the slave I notice that
| when I create a new entry it doesn't replicate on the master,
| I think this have to be the "normal" behavior, or I'm wrong?
| I ran in debug mode all the processes to see what's
| going on and I never saw the slave trying to contact
| the master. Note that the replication from the master
| to the slave works fine.

The slave should send a referral back to winbindd
for the master (e.g. updateref).  Winbindd should
then rebind to the master and issue the ldapadd().
Did you see this?

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cheers, jerry
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