What's next for Samba ?

Stefan Metzmacher metze at metzemix.de
Mon Nov 17 06:14:56 GMT 2003

tridge at samba.org wrote:

> > If?  You can be damn sure some of us want it :)  I might or might not 
> > get to work on it officially, but I'm sure there are many others 
> > interested in ACL mappings between Windows and Posix (1003.1e draft 
> > 17 I presume)
>ok, basic idea is to store the ACLs twice. They will be stored once in
>NT format in a posix extended attribute and once as a translated posix
>ACL as a real posix ACL. Along with the NT ACL in the extended
>attribute we also store the checksum of the translated posix ACL.
Isn't that code already in 3.0.x ?

smb.conf parameter "acl compatibility"



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