What's next for Samba ?

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Mon Nov 17 06:39:56 GMT 2003


 > >ok, basic idea is to store the ACLs twice. They will be stored once in
 > >NT format in a posix extended attribute and once as a translated posix
 > >ACL as a real posix ACL. Along with the NT ACL in the extended
 > >attribute we also store the checksum of the translated posix ACL.
 > >
 > Isn't that code already in 3.0.x ?
 > smb.conf parameter "acl compatibility"


Samba3 can store the inheritance bit in an extended attribute, but
doesn't store the whole ACL. This means that (among other things)
Samba3 cannot distinguish "full control" from "write".

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