more status updates and new LDAP changes

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed May 14 03:44:00 GMT 2003

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Just giving everyone a heads up that the LDAP schema changes 
are checked into SAMBA_3_0.

Samba 3.0 will support ldapsam_compat (using sambaAccount)
and ldapsam (using the new sambaSamAccount objectclass).
The main reason for the new object class is (1) moving to SID's,
and (2) preventing future name clashes with attribute/objectclass
names (such as happened with the pwdMustChange attribute.

Changes also affect the sambaDomain and sambaGroupMapping objects.
No apologies for these since they have never been published in 
a stable build.  Sorry for the inconvience though.  Had to be done.

Docs and scripts to aid in migration of data from the 2.2. 
schema to the 3.0 one are forthcoming.

wrt to the idmap changes that went in:  Everything seems 
to be generally functional so I hope to get a 3.0alpha24
out by tomorrow afternoon ('cause I have tickets to the 
10pm Matrix Reloaded showing tomorrow night).

cheers, jerry
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