messenger service...

Eugen SAVIN seugen at
Mon Jun 16 22:01:27 GMT 2003


> Hmmm...  It looks as though we are talking about two different types of
> messenger service (which is not surprising in the Windows world).  The
> error message you are reporting is a DCE/RPC error message, which means
> that you're using RPC for this connection (port 135, perhaps?).  I'm
> digging into the older Messenger Service system.  Very different.
> Sorry for the confusion.

My mistake if I did not specified the port number. Yes, it is indeed the
DCE/RPC protocol.
If I get a reponse, that means some services must be listening on the port

I also believe that some of the service packs (the computer I have tried to
send the message is a Win NT 4) rejects the message if they do
not have the interface you're sending the message to.

The interface is hard coded in the program, it works ok with some 2000 and
XP machines and also fails on some. What I can tell you for sure, is that
the one which fails is a NT machine.
There is no rule so that I can find out what is happening.

Does the "net send" command use the NMB protocol, first queries the port 137
in order to get the computer name and services, and after that sends the
message via port 139? I guess the net send is not using the port 135
anymore, isn't it ?


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