samba-3.0.0beta1 codeset issue on non-Linux

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Sat Jun 14 03:13:41 GMT 2003

>> So the questions:
>> 1. Are we going to _require_ GNU's iconv at every site?  (I.e. refuse to
>>    install samba if GNU iconv not already installed.)  I hope not.
>I hope too. However, if something broken, it needs to be fixed. For broken
>native iconv implementations OS vendors might be those who take
>responsibility as well.

For Japanese, there are several conversion rules between current
codesets to Unicode, but this is NOT a bug, because Unicode Consortium
has never released any mapping tables. Please refer to


GNU libiconv has also problems. As I know, there are no iconv()s
that can support *all* Japanese Windows characters correctly.
I sent to mails to libiconv maintainer to modify GNU libiconv() to
support characters used in Japanese Windows, but there are no reply

So currently I can't help telling Japanese people that Samba 3.x
will not be able to work under Japanese environment.

>>    b)  Bundle iconv (or part) with samba?
>I'm not sure this would be a good solution.

is the only reasonable solutions, I think.

(Indeed in Japan, we do not like to use iconv() because of these
problems, also do not like to use Unicode itself because of the code
conversion problems and the lack of interoperability with current
Japanese charachter sets.)

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