samba-3.0.0beta1 codeset issue on non-Linux

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sat Jun 14 04:35:44 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-06-14 at 13:13, TAKAHASHI Motonobu wrote:
> >> So the questions:
> >> 
> >> 1. Are we going to _require_ GNU's iconv at every site?  (I.e. refuse to
> >>    install samba if GNU iconv not already installed.)  I hope not.
> >I hope too. However, if something broken, it needs to be fixed. For broken
> >native iconv implementations OS vendors might be those who take
> >responsibility as well.
> For Japanese, there are several conversion rules between current
> codesets to Unicode, but this is NOT a bug, because Unicode Consortium
> has never released any mapping tables. Please refer to
> <>
> GNU libiconv has also problems. As I know, there are no iconv()s
> that can support *all* Japanese Windows characters correctly.
> I sent to mails to libiconv maintainer to modify GNU libiconv() to
> support characters used in Japanese Windows, but there are no reply
> now.
> So currently I can't help telling Japanese people that Samba 3.x
> will not be able to work under Japanese environment.

This is why samba allows for plugins to implement 'strange' mappings. 
(on a one->one basis I think).

> >>    b)  Bundle iconv (or part) with samba?
> >I'm not sure this would be a good solution.
> is the only reasonable solutions, I think.

No, I don't think that including iconv() in samba in reasonable.  Why is
it better to have iconv inside samba than outside?  

> (Indeed in Japan, we do not like to use iconv() because of these
> problems, also do not like to use Unicode itself because of the code
> conversion problems and the lack of interoperability with current
> Japanese charachter sets.)
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