smbsh in samba 3.x

serge sterck serge.sterck at
Tue Jun 10 20:19:23 GMT 2003

Hello there, can someone tell me if the smbwrapper smbsh is still
present in samba 3.X.
When i have downloaded the samba3 beta 1 rpm i was not present in it?
So is there a future for the smbsh ?

Another question : i validate my linux machine using the IBM ldap 5.1
using a posixaccount class.
Samba provide a schema for openldap does someone have done the schema
for the IBM LDAP ?
 Another question ou company run's no windows!!! machine we are still
using os/2 4.52 and we have a migration plan to migrate in end 2003
-2004 i have redirect netapi.dll to the ibm ldap server so every
new,change,del user,assignement,group are put into the ldap
on a linux workstation i create a dummy directory in home/dummy
can i automount a smb home directory to this pseudo directory at logon
time ? mut i use a pam module or use the home dir in samba ?
I'm using icewm and i generate dynamicly the desktop based on the public
application found in the ldap (out os/2 and WSOD has public application)

many thanks to react to this

	Serge Sterck

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