What is the largest Windows Terminal server installation peop le have seen?

JUNG, Christian christian.jung at saarstahl.com
Tue Jun 3 17:50:21 GMT 2003

Hi Andrew!

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> On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 03:16, JUNG, Christian wrote:
> > Hi Javid!
> > This would be nice! Actually Windows Terminal-Server tend 
> to handle several
> > sessions over a single TCP/IP-connection. So one 
> TCP/IP-connection is used
> > by several users. This implicates some problems. For 
> example it seems to be
> > impossible to map a printjob to the user who printed it:
> > 
> > User A prints on printer P. Afterwards user B prints on the 
> same printer P.
> > This goes over the same TCP/IP-connection. If you make some sort of
> > print-accounting you will see, that user A has printed both 
> jobs (his and
> > that of user B). That's currently a problem here. I don't 
> know if this has
> > been fixed or if it is even possible. We're running Samba 
> 2.2.5. This one
> > hasn't got these problems. Newer versions have this problem.
> Is this with CUPS?  I think I know what the issue is there...

Nope. I've made a little PDF-converter. A user connects to a special printer
which is in fact a ps2pdf-converter. The user has to install a postscript
printer driver though.

The printjob is converted (after stripping some junk Windows provides) with
ghostscript to PDF and the created PDF is stored under a world-readable
directory according the following filename-scheme:


The first version of this script took some command line parameters. One of
these was the username provided by %U. With Terminal-Server user the above
problem appeared. Now I'm parsing the Postscript. It contains the real user
name and as goodie the title of the document. So the new filename scheme is:


(After translating some invalid characters of the title). I've seen the %u
(lowercase 'U'). Is this maybe the real user name?


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