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Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org> wrote:

Thanks again for the informative response, Andrew.  
I understand that Samba is not w2k, nor would we hope it to be.  What I'm
hoping to be able to provide in this POC is a system we can plug in and do all
day-to-day management without retraining the staff to use Linux.  There will be
inevitable retraining since Linux is not NetWare either (: but for obvious
business reasons we'd like to keep that to a minimum.  SWAT, as great a tool it
is, was not idiot-proof enough last I used it.
As for development scope, I'm not sure we'd be interested in paying for
development for a POC, however we would very likely entertain a support
contract with the Samba team to ensure speedy support and access to the
developers, if a Linux/Samba solution is chosen as our F&P system.

Thanks again, you've given me hope and a bit of direction.  One last question
(for the moment).  Given our requirements, what version of Samba should we use?
 I am currently a large SuSE advocate, and in SuSE 8.2pro they include 2.2.7a. 

Thanks again,

> There is scope for development here, on an existing base of knowledge. 
> Server Manager is supported for some tasks already, as is user manager. 
> Other things are just the appropriate use of Explorer on a connected
> share.
> Samba is not Win2k - it provides only some of the functionality.  Many
> other parts of that functionality are provided by other products, or can
> be developed independently.
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