Protect your software from pirated copies by Product Activation technology

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Dexterity Product Activation Server v1.0
Dexterity Product Activation Server protects your software from illegal
copies by Product Activation technology.
Product Activation is an industrial standard and state of the art measure
to protect the software from illegal and pirated copies. With the Product
Activation technique, software venders can control and monitor the
distribution of their software and ensure that the software is executed on
authorized and licensed machine only.
In the process of Product Activation, the identity of the copy of the
software and the information of the machine that the copy is installed to
is sent to the server. Then an association of this pair of information is
recorded in the server. If, some time later, the same copy of the software
is activated from another machine, the server will know that and deny the
activation. So, that copy cannot be executed.
By Product Activation, pirated copies of the software are no longer usable
on other machines even an original and valid Product Key is distributed
with the software. As the result, true protection against illegal copies of
the software can be realized.
Moreover, in order to provide high security of protection. Dexterity PAS
provides many new techniques against hacking and cracking. These techniques
include Implicit Anti-debugging Code, Anti-Patch Decryption of Code and
Invisible Important Program Code. For details, please visit our site. 


The features of the Dexterity Product Activation Server includes:
Support Multiple Products 
Fully Customizable Product Key 
Fully Customizable Serial Number Restriction 
Reactivation in different machine 
Support Web Base Activation 
One Click Client Program Construction 
Client Program SDK for Developers 
Activation Access Control 
High Security by RSA encryption 
Anti-Cracking features of Dexterity PAS includes:
Implicit Anti-Debugging Code 
Encryption of Main Program 
Anti-Debug Key Computation and Decryption Algorithm 
Self-Protected Key Computation 
Random Factor in Decryption Key 
Invisible Important Program Code 


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