Patch for bug 166 - setting ACLs on a share from XP

Chere Zhou qzhou at
Wed Jul 2 00:26:40 GMT 2003

Is this to set/modify share permissions from Windows?  I don't know that I 
can do this before, and am still wondering how to do it if it is.  Where the 
share permissions get stored?  smb.conf?   Hey, I am interested in using it, 
just tell me how!


On Tuesday 01 July 2003 10:27 am, Jim McDonough wrote:
> This patch should re-enable setting ACLs on a share (note, this is
> _different_ from setting ACLs on the root directory in a share) from XP.
> The problem was that XP was issuing a setshareinfo 1005 (which is about DFS
> and the CSC policy), even if the user didn't change the csc policy.  We
> returned ACCESS_DENIED, and the client stopped.  I tried INVALID_PARM and
> UNKNOWN_LEVEL, but both still caused the client to stop.
> We now check to see that the csc policy coming across is the same as
> already exists in smb.conf.  If they try to change it, we will return
> ACCESS_DENIED.  If it matches what we already have, we return OK.  We will
> also fill in the CSC info on a query 1005, which we weren't doing before.
> (See attached file: xpacl.patch)
> John, please test this out...and anyone else may, also :-)
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