Windows 2K SP4?

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Tue Jul 1 21:43:18 GMT 2003

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On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Durham, Josh wrote:

> Are there any known issues with authenticating against a Windows 2000 DC
> with service pack 4?
> I upgraded the DC last night, and now I'm getting:
> [2003/07/01 11:07:14, 0]
> smbd/password.c:connect_to_domain_password_server(1337)
>   connect_to_domain_password_server: machine PLUTO rejected the tconX on
> the IPC$ share. Error was : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.
> I can send a debug 10 to whoever is interested.  The funny thing is is
> that the other DC, which is still running SP3, is giving the same
> response.
> I did have RestrictAnon set to 2, but I've set that to 0, and I've had
> Request NTLM (not v2), but I've changed that as well to accepting LM
> connections.
> I've also tried to rejoin the server to the domain, ie, smbpasswd -j
> DOMAIN -U Administrator

Josh,  We've only spent time testing SP4 on 2k clients.  Not DC's yet.
I'll try to run some tests laster this week, but for the momemt I don't 
think any developers have had a change to run through the standard tests.

cheers, jerry
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