smbd/reply.c 2.2.8a test local workgroup patch

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Jul 1 15:29:46 GMT 2003

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On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, John Gerth wrote:

> For whatever it's worth, Matthew's patch would make life a lot
> easier for our users here as well.  We have pretty heterogeneous
> set of researchers who are constantly installing (and re-installing)
> their Windows machines so we provide home directories and backed
> up project storage on Unix via Samba.
> I know that similar sorts of function have been proposed in
> the past, but what makes this one more attractive is that Matthew
> has apparently found the a way to make it happen in the
> way a Windows server would and so is mapping expected behavior.

I think we've gotten this straightened out for 3.0beta2 (due soon).
No parameter changes involved.

The behavior we've observed in Windows is that a domain member
always maps unknown domains to the Windows domain.  A stand alone server 
maps unknown domains to its local name.  We should now mimic this.
Can you test the CVS code (or wait til beta2 is out) and let us know.

cheers, jerry
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