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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Jul 1 02:45:29 GMT 2003

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On 1 Jul 2003, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> > > I wanted to be perfectly clear as to how I wrote this function to work.
> > 
> > dude, just relax and don't be so possessive.  beta2 is not going out 
> > until I get finished.  You could have finished all the trust domain stuff 
> > while it was broken for months.  But you didn't.  Now we need it to 
> > work, so I'm working on it.  If I break a few eggs in the process of 
> > making the omelet, it will be OK.  I'll clean up before I'm done.
> But if I didn't comment when I thought you accidentally stepped on
> another on the floor, then how will we know we cleaned up all the cases?

It's your whining and yelling that bothers me.  If you say something like
"I think this will break in the case XXXX.  I tested it like this <insert
reproducible test case here> and it broke", I'll be much more ameniable to
listen.  You come across way to possessive, give the impression that you
think the code worked perfectly, and then imply that I broke a working
system.  When we both now the things that we already broken.  

Now to give you credit, i don't think you mean it like this, but there are
better ways of phrasing things in email.

Secondly, the existing code was broke.  I gave you specific examples of
where it broke.  Fact is that a Samba domain member w/o running winbindd
was still not working.  Do you really want me to go there?

And I'm still not done.  So just hang in there.  I'll work in your
specific test cases to make sure that things work ok.

cheers, jerry
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