Proposal for extending 'netbios aliases' to 'netbios virtual hosts' for nmbd

Kashif Shaikh kshaikh at
Thu Jan 30 16:25:32 GMT 2003

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Kashif Shaikh wrote:
>>In my case, I get multiple IPs on a subnet through virtual IPs.  So in 
>>Linux I have eth0, eth0:1, eth0:2.  Let's attach some numbers to them 
>>for illustration: eth0 =, eth0:1, and eth0:2 
>>  Now if such a configuration exists, nmbd when operating 
>>as a B-node, will only register names and aliases on eth0, not on the 
>>eth0:1 or eth0:2 virtual interfaces.
> This can be done now actually by running multiple Samba instances.
> I'm guessing your already knew this, but just in case....
>>What I propose is changing netbios aliases to simple netbios virtual
>>hosts, where I can specify netbios name/IP mappings.  So a sample
>>configuration item would be:
>>interfaces =
>>virtual netbios hosts = SALES/ DEVELOPMENT/
> Sounds interesting, but this is only for name registration right?
> Effectively you could just run one smbd using netbios aliases
> and then run a separate nmbd instance per name (bound to a specific NIC)
> and get the exact behavior you are asking for.

Well honestly, I had incorrectly assumed network port space was global, 
when in fact it is private for each IP address(which is why I didn't 
bother to running multiple instances).  Also, AFAIK in the Using Samba 
book(1st ed), 'interfaces' is described as network/netmask pairs. 
That's inconsistent with intrepret_interfaces() comment, but then again 
the book is over 2 years old:)

So thanks, I can now run multiple s/nmbds per IP address which gives the 
   behavior I was looking for with virtual hosts ;)



> cheers, jerry

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