DOS mode bits missing from Folders

Esh, Andrew Andrew_Esh at
Mon Jan 20 19:04:31 GMT 2003

>The e(X)exute bits are special on folders.  For example, if you remove the 
>archive (user 'x' bit) from a directory, you will not be able to change to
>that directory.

>The DOS mode bit stuff really needs a better solution.

Yes, thanks.

The problem is: The code change I am suggesting is in the interpretation of
the bits after they have been read, and are about to be represented in a
reply to Windows. Below the routine in question, there may be
idiosyncrasies. There also may be a different storage method than utilizing
the Unix mode bits. In my particular case, I've used a meta-info system that
works like extended attributes. All the bits get read back fine, but this
function strips off all but the Directory and the Read-Only bit. This is
simply the wrong place to be handling implementation issues. If there is a
need to strip bits, it should be pushed closer to the file system, so it can
be avoided by VFS modules which reference a file system that doesn't have
bit storage problems.

Change it or don't, it's your code. My code is fixed.

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