permission upgrade during O_TRUNC

jra at jra at
Wed Jan 8 02:11:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 10:53:41AM +0100, steve at wrote:
> Hey there, I posted a quick fix for a problem I found with all samba's up
> to 2.2.7a on the general samba list, which describes the following
> problem:
> In Windows, if you create a file with NORMAL attributes and ALWAYS_CREATE,
> close the file and then re-create it with, say, HIDDEN and ALWAYS_CREATE,
> the file *should* be upgraded to HIDDEN. The other way around, ie.
> starting with HIDDEN and re-creating with NORMAL should keep the file as
> HIDDEN. Currently, samba always keep the original attributes. This causes
> windows to incorrectly store hidden and system files from in a roaming
> profile which gets you that stupid popping-up Desktop.ini in new profiles
> after the second login (because the files are not hidden on the profile
> directory). Why windows opens the files as non-hidden first is unknown to
> me :) Anyways, here is a patch that fixes it. I have tried my best to make
> it as clean as possible but as I know little of samba internals it may be
> wrong ...
> This works for me, and stops Desktop.ini appearing all over the place. I
> haven't found any problems with it yet.

Thanks for this - I didn't apply exactly this patch but it inspired me
to write something I believe is correct. I applied it to HEAD and 3.0,
and will back-port to 2.2.x.

Thanks once again !


PS. Andrew Bartlett - we now pass the torture test OPEN #9 when map
hidden and map system are set :-).

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