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Subject: Question about srv_spoolss_send_event_to_client()

In rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c:srv_spoolss_send_event_to_client():
Could someone tell me why the following lines of code were added?

if (Printer->printer_type == PRINTER_HANDLE_IS_PRINTSERVER)

The problem is that sending expanded NOTIFY_INFO_DATA in the RRPCN
request for a printserver causes W2k clients to ** NOT ** send RFNPCNEX

The upshot is that when a W2k client opens the Printers window on the
print server and selects a printer, the printer status will not change
during subsequent operations (say pausing and unpausing).

Commenting out the lines of code above had the desired effect (i.e.,
fixed that problem), but I'm concerned since someone put it in to begin

If the above is absolutely necessary, then the fix is much more


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