Fw: I need you help

Edward Ip edwardip at ccckunglee.no-ip.info
Thu Feb 20 01:01:57 GMT 2003

To Samba Team,

   Hi my name is Edward. Now I am learning Linux....and I want use samba to 
replace NT Server. So every user can login to Linux. I try to follow 
the step but I can't success. I don't know where I got wrong. This is my plan

I want to use samba to create a domain which call "klc". I want to let NT4.0 
workstation to login to samba. But I can't let my NT to join "klc" domain. It 
sads "can't find this domain user". Please help me to solve my question. If 
possible, please send me a smb.conf file too.

                                                            From Edward
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