Annoying Minor Bug In Winbind 2.2.x

Boyce, Nick nick.boyce at
Fri Feb 7 20:27:30 GMT 2003

On 7 Feb 2003, Martin Pool wrote:
> On  7 Feb 2003, "Boyce, Nick" <nick.boyce at> wrote:
>> Thanks - that was it.  I now have a script /usr/local/bin/winbind, which
>> does
>>    umask 000
>>    /etc/init.d/winbind $1
>>    umask 027
> You would be better off -- and you would be helping us too -- if you
> would apply the patch and let us know if it works.  (I'm pretty sure
> it will, but it's always worth testing.)  

OK - I've been trying to find time to do this today but have run out (it's
20:30 ... I want to go hoooome .. :) ... sorry.
I'll do it on Monday next week and let you know what happens.

(The Debian machine concerned was using the Debian Samba binaries, and I'd
been hoping not to have to get involved in compiling -from-source ...
advantages of sticking with distro components, package management system ==>
easier upgrades, standard desktop rollout, mumble, etc. etc.)


Nick Boyce
EDS Southwest Solution Centre, Bristol, UK

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