LDAP Prefix param/loadparam.c

root root at networksentry.co.za
Wed Dec 31 09:19:33 GMT 2003

the problem is that when the prefixes for group/idmap/machine/user are set and ldap suffix is not things are very broken
with lots of invalid DN messages the following fixes this 

static char* append_ldap_suffix( const char *str )
       char *suffix_string;

       if (!lp_talloc)
               lp_talloc = talloc_init("lp_talloc");

       if ((Globals.szLdapSuffix[0]))
         suffix_string = talloc_asprintf( lp_talloc, "%s,%s", str, Globals.szLdapSuffix );
         suffix_string = talloc_asprintf( lp_talloc, "%s", str);
       if ( !suffix_string ) {
               DEBUG(0,("append_ldap_suffix: talloc_asprintf() failed!\n"));
               return NULL;

       return suffix_string;

thanks for a great product and all the best for the new year


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