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Shiro Yamada shiro at
Mon Dec 29 02:21:58 GMT 2003

Hi list,

We are a group of developers who are involving in a project funded
by Japanese Government.

  IPA (Information Technology Promotion Agency) Japan (written in Japanese)

The objectives of this project is to test multibyte features in
Samba 3.0, and fixing bugs whenever we've found them. 
The motivation of this project is that no complete multibyte feature
testing is done to Samba 3.0, even though there is a significant
change in internal character handling between Samba 2.x and Samba 3.0.

We would like you to understand that the internationalisation is
really a tough work to accompolish; it requires good knowledge of
designing and coding for handling multibyte characters, and we
would like to participate in Samba project so that it achieves
higher level of multibyte capabilities.

At the current status, we are willing to develop internationalization
test suite for Samba 4.0. For your reference, please refer to the
following archive.
6) internationalization test suite Takeda Yasuma

As far as we've concerned, Samba 3.0 seems working correctly in most
cases, except for few occasions. Having said that, there are some
issues we would like you to consider for the future releases of Samba.

To address some issues in more visible forms, we are preparing our
project page in English.

There are some fields which require further explanations or TBD, but
hopefully they will be updated in near future. In the next coming
month, we are planning to release a test suite for Samba 3.0.

Best Regards,

 Shiro Yamada
 shiro at

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