Samba 3.0.1 Makefile broken on Solaris

Gary Casterline casterln at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Dec 18 18:07:34 GMT 2003

I had the same problem on Solaris 9 using gnu make and
the Forte compiler.  When I switched to gcc everything
compiled fine.  Is there a simple workaround to allow
a Forte compilation?


On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 11:12:57AM -0500, Brian Poole wrote:
> Hello,
> The 3.0.1 source does not compile currently on Solaris. My testing
> environment was using the Forte compiler & Sun make. The problem is
> in the Makefile where it tries to move some non-existent files.
> This can be seen on the Samba build farm:
> The error looks like:
> mv: cannot access nsswitch/wb_common.po.o.o
> make: *** [nsswitch/wb_common.po.o] Error 2
> The output file is of course not wb_common.po.o.o, but 
> wb_common.po.o. Should be a relatively simple patch but I am unsure
> of what the correct destination name is, so I did not make a patch.
> If you just change the source name it would try to move 
> wb_common.po.o to wb_common.po.o and error out because they are the 
> same file.
> This error occurs three times in the and was introduced
> 2 months ago when PICSUFFIX was added:
> Wish I had compiled a release candidate now but I was waiting for the
> smbclient output fix to be put in (which unfortunately didn't make it
> for 3.0.1, from what I can tell.)
> -b

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