unsubscribe mini-HOWTO (Re: Trust relationship between windows 2003 and Samba, 3.0.1 rc2)

aono at cc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp aono at cc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp
Wed Dec 17 11:54:35 GMT 2003

In <B4A9A3A43B878B40A88D3D55E6B9FCD50386A3C4 at usilms23.ca.com>,
Michael.Parrillo at ca.com wrote:

>>   I have requested to be unsubscribed from Samba at this time.
>>   Sent a number of emails to 'listproc at samba.org' 
>>   with Subject = unsubscribe samba + samba-announce but still getting emails. 

How did you get this information (ex. URI)? Currently
samba* lists are managed by Mailman (listproc in the
past), so (at least officially announced) method has

>>   Did I miss any steps ? Is there another email address to sent to ?

See header in mails delivered from samba* lists and follow
instruction described in List-Unsubscribe: header (or see
http://samba.org/ pages). Make sure you are using address
that is registered in lists.samba.org .
Tomoki AONO	(aono at cc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp)

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