deleting group using usgmgr on Samba3.0.1 rc2

Jianliang Lu at
Tue Dec 16 16:26:06 GMT 2003

> Aurélien wrote:

> Another method will be to change the smb.conf
> add :
>  ldap delete dn = Yes
> remove :
>  delete user script = ...
>  delete group script = ...
> The entries will be totally removed be Samba (not only the samba part), 
> this will not raise an error, and no error messages will appeared in 
> UserManager.
> But I think the code modifications, as i presented in my previous 
> message, are needed.

These were what we did first to "delete user". But I think that, agree with 
you, a patch to delete_dom_user is needed.

Jianliang Lu
TieSse s.p.a.     Ivrea (To) - Italy at   luj at

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