Pre3 -> rc1 samba spool filename now included in title when printing = cups

daniel.jarboe at daniel.jarboe at
Wed Dec 10 20:30:55 GMT 2003

> | Well, my windows queue monitor refuses to show any jobs at all for
> | (earlier thread), so I can't answer that :(.
> arggg....This works fine for me here.  Even when hitting F5 to refresh
> the list ?

Correct, jobs are not shown despite refreshes with F5.  My last post on
the matter was in this thread:

The behavior has changed since pre3 (I know you applied fixes), yet it
is still incorrect for our installation.

On pre3 both the # of documents in the printers listing and the windows
queue monitor would toggle from shown to not shown.

Now in rc1 the # of documents in the printers listing is always correct,
but the windows queue monitor never shows anything.  This means users
can't pause/delete their submitted jobs, don't know where they are in
the queue, etc.  With this problem, print admin also must hit the cups
side to do anything printjob-specific.

This is on SuSE SLES 8 SP3 s/390.  Cups version is 1.1.20.  I'm anxious
to provide any specific information to you that you think may assist.
Right now we only have 15 w2k users pointing at the samba3 rc1 box, and
it's used exclusively for print (no file unless you count the print$

~ Daniel


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