NT4 Workstation cannot reconnect to the Domain

Raphaël Berghmans rberghmans at arafox.com
Wed Dec 10 19:48:57 GMT 2003


I've on remote site a Samba-3 server acting as un BDC and on the central
site a Win NT4 PDC. 

The NT4 workstation can without problem connect to domain using the
Samba BDC. But after a few days, the workstation cannot reconnect to the
Domain, even if I disconnect the Samba BDC to force the connection to
the PDC.

The only one solution I found : It's remove the workstation of the
domain and re-join the Workstation and remove the Samba BDC and
reconnect the NT4 BDC.

Which could be the reasons ?

I know that the synchronization between NT4 PDC and Samba BDC is not yet
supported, but what's happend if during a few days the workstation made
the connection to the domain using the BDC and the next day using the
PDC. Is something change (registry, or something else) on the
Workstation for each connection made on the domain. Which information
change in the SAM on each connection ? 

Thank you,

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