vfs audit module

Sevastian Foglia sevastian at linuxtime.it
Wed Dec 10 10:54:26 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 09 December 2003 17:25, Bruno Lopes de Souza Benchimol wrote:
> Im getting some problems with the audit module, in fact its logging
> everything that i need although it lacks information of who did it, like
> netbios name, ip address and username who did the action, 

You can get this information from connection_struct. For example:

conn->client_address // the client who perform the operation
conn->uid // the user who perform operation
>also it logs everything to syslog, it would be better to log into a file. 
>that the user
> could say in vfs options = file or it gets sharename_audit.log

You can specify the file in syslog.conf.

> I peek at the code and i actually saw (at least think) that it doesnt do
> anything that i need... so is there any way that do those things i said or
> i need to rewrite the module?? if i need to rewrite i would like a small
> help.
> thanks,

Bye Seva
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University of Bologna, Italy

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