[odd behaviour] printing = cups && printable = yes

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Dec 8 06:12:37 GMT 2003

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Fabien Chevalier wrote:

> I'm currently playing with cups & Samba 3.0.1pre3, and came 
 > with the need to support a hole bunch of 'classical'
 > cups printers :-), as well as some custom print queues
> with home cooked processing...but it seems it currently 
 > isn't supported :-(
> As noticed by Kurt Pfeifle, Example 19.2. of HOWTO Collection,  
 > "Overriding global CUPS settings for one printer"
> (which is exactly what i would like to have) doesn't work 
 > anymore with today's Samba 3.
> Here is how it works today :  as soon as you choose 
 > printing = cups, whatever share is marked with printable = yes
 > got redirected to CUPS API, which complains
> that it doesn't know how to handle this print queue ...of course!!
> For my side i tried to do cups printing with printing = sysv, 
 > but i feel this is some kind of a weird approach...and it's
 > really hard to debug (read: it still doesn't work after
> a half day work ;-)
> Would anybody have a workaround to make this kind of 
 > setup work again?  Or better a long term solution?

This sounds like


I'll work on it for 3.0.2.

cheers, jerry
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