Netbios aliases on HP/Compaq TruCluster

Jean Michel BARBET Jean-Michel.Barbet at
Fri Dec 5 07:40:20 GMT 2003

Don McCall wrote:
> Hi Jean-Michel;
> when you run virtual servers, what do you have in your smb.conf file?
> if you do not specifically have a netbios name = SOMETHING in your 
> smb.conf, it is going to use the host name of the machine it is running 
> on.  My suggestion is that you use one of the server names you want as 
> teh 'netbios name' and the other as the netbios alias.  the netbios 
> aliases are ADDITIONAL names the server will answer to in addition to 
> the netbios name.
> Sorry if I've missed your point somehow....


No, you havn't missed the point at all. I have always thought that
"Netbios name" and "Netbios aliases" were mutually exclusive. I don't
know why I had this misconception.

Anyway, your suggestion works perfectly and I am very grateful.

Thank you.


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