Netbios aliases on HP/Compaq TruCluster

Don McCall donmccall1 at
Wed Dec 3 17:50:18 GMT 2003

Hi Jean-Michel;
when you run virtual servers, what do you have in your smb.conf file?
if you do not specifically have a netbios name = SOMETHING in your smb.conf, it is going to use the host name of the machine it is running on.  My suggestion is that you use one of the server names you want as teh 'netbios name' and the other as the netbios alias.  the netbios aliases are ADDITIONAL names the server will answer to in addition to the netbios name.
Sorry if I've missed your point somehow....

Jean-Michel Barbet <barbet at> wrote:

This question was already posted in the main samba newsgroup 
but I got no answers. I apologize for those who havec seen it
already, bu thought that one might know the answer here...

I run Samba V2.2.8a on a Compaq cluster composed of two servers
nanas1 and nanas2. The Cluster is seen as one machine named nanasc.
The operating system is TruCluster V5.1a.

I had to patch the file samba-2.2.8a/source/lib/interface.c to make
the failover from one member of the cluster to the other work.
Samba runs on one member at a time.

Here is the patch I applied :

Now, I want to use netbios aliases to make users believe that there
are several different servers. The problem is that, along with the
names "nanasc" and "smart" which corresponds to my virtual servers
(actually nanasc is also the name of the whole cluster),the name of the
machine on which samba runs appears (here : "nanas2"). This is not
the case if I do not run virtual servers (I only see "nanasc", the 
configured Netbios name)

a) With virtual servers "nanasc" and "smart" :
nmblookup -A 
Looking up status of 
NANAS2 <00> - B 
NANAS2 <03> - B 
NANAS2 <20> - B 
NANASC <00> - B 
NANASC <03> - B 
NANASC <20> - B 
SMART <00> - B 
SMART <03> - B 
SMART <20> - B 
SUBATECH <00> - B 
SUBATECH <1e> - B 

b) Without virtual servers (netbios name = nanasc) :
nmblookup -A 
Looking up status of 
NANASC <00> - B 
NANASC <03> - B 
NANASC <20> - B 
SUBATECH <00> - B 
SUBATECH <1e> - B 

I do not want the name "nanas2" to be published when I run virtual
servers. I tried the options "bind interfaces only = yes" and 
"interfaces = " without any success.

Does someone know how to deal with TruCluster and how to avoid
this problem.

Hope it is clear enough. Thank you.


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