Samba3 rc3 - traverse_fn_delete - listing print queues still off and on

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Dec 4 16:14:37 GMT 2003

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daniel.jarboe at wrote:
| I'm still seeing problems, most obvious when a queue is paused, where
| jobs listed by lpq where jobs will appear and disappear, reappear,
| disappear etc.  Is noone else seeing this?  This is on a SuSE SLES8
| server with samba3 rc3, cups 1.1.20.
| The behavior, more specifically, is about every 60 seconds jobs will
| appear or dissapear in the queue list for w2k clients.  When manually
| refreshing the queue, jobs will sometimes show up, and sometimes not.  I
| noticed messages like this in the log output whenever the job
| dissapears:
| [2003/12/04 10:25:04, 3] printing/printing.c:print_queue_update(1014)
|   1 job in queue for AFICIO_5_E
| [2003/12/04 10:25:04, 10] printing/printing.c:traverse_fn_delete(713)
|   traverse_fn_delete: pjob 10035 deleted due to pjob.starttime
| (1070549392) < ts->lpq_time (1070551504)
| [2003/12/04 10:25:04, 5] printing/notify.c:send_spoolss_notify2_msg(286)
|   send_spoolss_notify2_msg: appending message 0x01/0x0a for printer
| AFICIO_5_E to notify_queue_head

I recently applied some fixes to the cups backend for
viewing and removing job entries.  It would be good if
you could test the latest SAMBA_3_0 cvs code (or wait a
few more days until 3.0.1rc1)_

cheers, jerry
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