Samba3 rc3 - traverse_fn_delete - listing print queues still off and on

daniel.jarboe at daniel.jarboe at
Thu Dec 4 15:56:41 GMT 2003

I'm still seeing problems, most obvious when a queue is paused, where
jobs listed by lpq where jobs will appear and disappear, reappear,
disappear etc.  Is noone else seeing this?  This is on a SuSE SLES8
server with samba3 rc3, cups 1.1.20.

The behavior, more specifically, is about every 60 seconds jobs will
appear or dissapear in the queue list for w2k clients.  When manually
refreshing the queue, jobs will sometimes show up, and sometimes not.  I
noticed messages like this in the log output whenever the job

[2003/12/04 10:25:04, 3] printing/printing.c:print_queue_update(1014)
  1 job in queue for AFICIO_5_E
[2003/12/04 10:25:04, 10] printing/printing.c:traverse_fn_delete(713)
  traverse_fn_delete: pjob 10035 deleted due to pjob.starttime
(1070549392) < ts->lpq_time (1070551504)
[2003/12/04 10:25:04, 5] printing/notify.c:send_spoolss_notify2_msg(286)
  send_spoolss_notify2_msg: appending message 0x01/0x0a for printer
AFICIO_5_E to notify_queue_head

~ Daniel


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