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Tue Dec 2 04:10:01 GMT 2003

it appears that the API used to manipulate ACLs is essentially
the same as the one used on Solaris and UnixWare / Open UNIX
both of which also use the Veritas journaling filesystem.

So, adding support for HP-UX JFS 3.3 ACLs to the current 
Samba 2.2 release should be very simple and will only require 
minor adjustments to lib/sysacls.c, *except* for the fact that
Samba currently needs to be able to manipulate ACLs using
either the pathname of the file/directory *or* the file
decriptor of an open file. acl(), which HP-UX appears to
support, takes a pathname - both Solaris and UnixWare subsequently
added an equivalent facl() system call which takes a file
descriptor - but I don't see this mentioned on HP-UX. Perhaps
it exists somewhere but isn't documented.

If facl() or an equivalent function doesn't exist then more
work will be needed.

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