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Tue Dec 2 04:10:01 GMT 2003

VxFS POSIX ACL file permissions only work when JFS 3.3 or disk layout
version4 is installed on your system. Learn how to install JFS 3.3 on HP-UX
11.0 in the HP JFS 3.3 and HP OnLineJFS 3.3 Release Notes (MPN B3929-90007)
located at Learn about installing and upgrading disk layout
versions in the HP JFS 3.3 and HPOnLineJFS 3.3 VERITAS File System 3.3
System Administrator's Guide (MPN B3929-90011) located at

In my very own words:
Install these from your application CD (to use the online features of
OnLineJFS you'll need a password to unsecure it)
  B3929BA               B.11.00        HP OnLineJFS (Advanced VxFS) 
  B3929CA               B.03.03        JFS 3.3 Filesystem For 11.00 
  B5118BA               B.11.00        HP OnLineJFS (Advanced VxFS) 
  B5118CA               B.03.03        JFS 3.3 Filesystem For 11.00 

The JFS3.3 Bundles should be very much the same. Then you need to upgrade
the logical volumes you want to use in samba with posix-acl. You can obtain
JFS3.3 from as well.

1. JFS 3.3 file system version 4 layout
              # bdf
              Filesystem         ...        Mounted on
              /dev/vgXX/lvolY    ...        /mountpoint
              # fstyp -v /dev/vgXX/lvolY
              version: 4 
              # /sbin/fs/vxfs3.3/vxupgrade /mountpoint
              /mountpoint: vxfs file system version 4 layout

     If the file system version < 4 : you need to upgrade!

1a.  to upgrade
		# /sbin/fs/vxfs3.3/vxupgrade -n 4 /mountpoint

2. /etc/opt/samba/smb.conf
     "acl_schemes = hpux_posix"

I hope this helps you. (and has not the character of advertising :)

Kind Regards,
 Rainer Doelker

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