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Tue Dec 2 03:01:20 GMT 2003

the DC protocols in samba.

As Samba is a collaborative project and you should take
encouragments and discoraugements on the same way a make
a ballance between the two.

If you think discouragments to win take in account that
discouragments may come from misunderstanding of the
problems your "ar-sighted understanding of what is
involved" instead see.

I think the best way you have to level this problems is
to write a clear paper of your knowings with a rodmap
and weel documented resons to any techincal decison
involved, and you shoud be open on discussion about

I think that with a clear concerted plan you may get
less discouragment and more neutral feedback.

This mail is not intended to offend anyone, if I have
done so please excuse me and my poor english.

I really hope you will not leave samba and TNG


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